WorldBox Mod APK Update Version

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WorldBox Mod APK Update Version

introduction : WorldBox Mod APK this famous game,

Today we are giving you the free Worldox Mod Apk latest update version (FULL FREE) in 2023 speech.

And it allows you to use all the features completely free. Worldox Mod is known to many as Worldbox Dewa created by Maxim Karpenko.

Through this game, you can make your own world beautiful according to your choice and destroy it.

For this, we will provide you the unlimited shopping version of Worldbox Mod that will increase your gaming experience several times.

App NameWorldBox MOD APK– Sandbox
VersionUpdate (FREE)
Updated2h ago
PlatformIOS, macOS, Android
Modified versionAll premium features are unlocked this mode
DeveloperMaxim Karpenko
File Size135 MB
WorldBox Mod APK Update Version (FREE) Easy Download


What is Worldbox?

Worldbox is a simulation game where players can create their own world and this game has a lot of features. This game offers tools, weapons, and abilities that help you shape your world and protect it. 

You can marry worldbox premium apps if you want to destroy your arranged world or kingdom then you need to use some destruction tools. If you want to make peace in your world, you can use some peace-loving traits and abilities that will keep your world peaceful.

Features of Worldbox Game

different races

Worldbox is a game where you can have different races including humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. There are also some other races you can download our mod version.

Multiplayer mode

Worldbox game is known as multiplayer mode and there is a mode with the help of which multiple players can play and enjoy the games at once.

Godlike power

Worldbox game provides some ability to control the world including terrain and weather or climate. If you want, you can destroy your world created in the games, you can create natural disasters like floods, earthquakes.


Players can customize their civilizations and races with different colors and give them a nice look.

game mode

The game has some great features you can choose different modes to surround yourself with. For example: if you want to survive against a world threat then you can choose survival total or if you want peace then you can start a peace turn so that no kingdom will fight you.

advanced civilization

 You can advance your civilization by providing them with resources if you wish and improve as time passes. If you want, you can create a technological and advanced world by providing them with new technology.


Worldbox game will continue to update itself, with each update you will have new places and new things to add and improve. So if you have any problem with your current game you can ask the community platform known as worldbox nexus if you want to add something in the next.

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